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California White Sage Smudge Stick
California White Sage Smudge Stick
California White Sage Smudge Stick measuring approx 3" - 4".

California White Sage
California White Sage
California White Sage can be used for cleansing, healing and purification. Burn in the home to purify the air after an illness.

Bloodstone (Large)
Bloodstone (Large)
Bloodstone cleanses the lower chakras and realigns energies.

Red Altar Cloth 36" x 36"
Red Altar Cloth 36" x 36"
Lightweight red cotton altar cloth measuring approx 36” x 36”

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A collection of magical herbs, candles, crystals and spell ingredients useful for spells and rituals concerning luck.

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Lucky Hand Root
Lucky Hand Root
Lucky hand root is reputed to bring good luck and protect its owner from all harm.

Heather Flowers
Heather Flowers
Heather is said to help summon spirits and attract fairies to the garden.

Blended Herbs - Luck
Blended Herbs - Luck
A magical blend of herbs and essential oils carefully chosen for their magical associations with luck.

Green Mini Sachet
Green Mini Sachet
small sachets are ideal for filling with herbs for ritual bathing

Red Clover (Whole)
Red Clover (Whole)
Clover is associated with the triple goddess.

Rose Petals
Rose Petals
Probably the most widely used plant for love and good luck spells and rituals.

Pagan supplies - crystal sets and tumblestones 

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Best Sellers

Fairy Door - Green
Fairy Door - Green
Handcrafted wooden fairy door Measuring approx 15cm x 9.5cm.

Heather Flowers - 25g
Heather Flowers - 25g
Heather is said to help summon spirits and attract fairies to the garden.

Fairy Door  - Triquetra
Fairy Door - Triquetra
Handcrafted wooden fairy door featuring a triquetra design painted in gold above 3 panels.

Sacred Oil - Anointing
Sacred Oil - Anointing
Amber glass bottle with dropper containing 10ml of sacred oil. Used before rituals to stimulate spirituality

Purification Oil - Anointing
Purification Oil - Anointing
Used to remove negativity and purify tools and sacred spaces.

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Dip Pen Gift Set - Sepia
Dip Pen Gift Set - Sepia
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Echo’s Cauldron online Pagan supplies shop for all your Wicca, pagan and metaphysical items. We stock all things magical from Pagan ritual items and wiccan altar supplies to divination items including pendulums, tarot cards and runes. We also have magical herbs and other spell ingredients as well as book of shadows, magical inks and dip pens.